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The fall of John Gotti and the Mafia, the many terrorism trials, Ramsi Yusef the mastermind of the WTC bombing, and Sheik Abdel Rahman with his plots to blow up NYC landmarks, Bernie Madoff with his brazen thievery, to Michael Skakel the Kennedy cousin, accused of murdering a childhood friend, as well as all of the sensationalist head-line grabbers in between.

This year I extended my range a bit, at the request of NBC "Today Show" producer, Michael Austin, traveling to North Carolina to draw the John Edwards trial, the Presidential candidate who lied unforgivably on national television about his child with mistress, Rielle Hunter. Then, "In-Session" on Tru-TV, invited me to be their "courtroom-artist insider commentator" for the Sandusky trial in PA, where, as the sex-abuse victims faces and identities were being protected, so it became my job to describe how the young men were handling the pressures of telling their story in public and how Jerry Sandusky was reacting.

It was a challenging task I took seriously, after each session, reducing to sound-bite size what was extremely and poignantly disturbing and painful. People began to approach me on the street, and tell me how I had added to their understanding and appreciation of the emotional goings-on inside. Everyday that crowd grew. Continue >

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