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I drew icy blue-eyed David Berkowitz when they held the hearing in Kings County Correctional Center because he was too crazy to be brought to court. I was there when Mark David Chapman (who killed John Lennon) was brought before the judge with his collar turned up clutching "the Catcher in the Rye". Bernie Goetz was such a lanky, odd and nerdy "subway vigilante". He lived only a block from me, but I could see his own personal isolation and paranoia put us light years apart. Leona Helmsley with her "shoot from the hip" persona and "over the top" vanity, when she was angry, it was memorable, as she would turn a shade of magenta I have not seen before or since. She once asked me, "Is my hair really that messy? If I looked like that my husband would divorce me". I told her she was right, and I fixed it.

Imelda Marcos, Queen of the Philippines, was accused of plundering her people, and of 3000 pairs of shoes fame, was something else again. She wore funereal black every day, with matching shoes, of course. Clutching her rosary, and lacy (black) hand- kerchief, she cloaked herself in an air of deep mourning, with occasional silent tears rolling down her cheeks. It was a challenge to evoke her tragedian talent, and she
paid me my highest compliment when, in passing she observed
"Other artists draw likenesses, you draw soul".

I have been truly privileged to cover most every high-profile
or celebrity trial in New York, Connecticut, and New
Jersey from the mid-seventies to the present. Continue >

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