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Movie & Documentary credits:

THE THIN BLUE LINE, a documentary by
Errol Morris. I recreated the courtroom drama in the trial of Randall Harris, who was wrongfully convicted of shooting a cop in Texas during a routine traffic stop. I was provided with photos and video of the participants in the trial. It was a heady experience to be part of a project that actually helped free an innocent man.

CRAZY LOVE, A 2007 documentary about Burt Pugash, a onetime lawyer who served 15 years in jail for throwing lye in the face of his mistress Linda, effectively blinding her, and later went on to marry her. I met him when he was on trial again, this time for threatening a new mistress. He represented himself, and his blind wife Linda Pugash, testified on his behalf.

BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES, A movie directed by Brian DePalma, filmed in a Queens courthouse on an overnight shift, I played myself, sitting next to Bruce Willis in a jury box with a press corp of extras, doing what I do all day, drawing non stop. It was a surreal experience as in the daytime, I was covering a trial in Brooklyn that provoking daily protests, shared characters that were the prototypes for those in the movie.

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